Most people think that ‘taking exercise’ means going to the gym or playing a team sport. Not so!

Many studies have shown that just a daily brisk walk will have huge health benefits including fitness and weight control.

So, if you combine this with other very simple daily exercises and healthy eating objectives, you’ll soon start seeing the benefits.

BUT with our busy lifestyles and the constant pressure of ‘not enough time’, it’s difficult to know exactly what to do and when.

That’s where a carefully created programme like the New In 90 plan comes in. Devised by experts, New In 90 will tell you what to do every day and why. It will guide you through the eating and exercise maze giving you all the right advice so that you can lose weight and get fit – without disrupting your day to day routines.

There’s no gyms or strict diets, just vital information and help on how to adapt your habits and beliefs so you never have to worry about your weight or fitness again – it’s like having your very own personal trainer come to your house everyday!

You can download the app from the App store NOW and start immediately.


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