YES! You can lose weight and get fit - FOR GOOD!
Yes! You can lose weight and get fit  FOR GOOD...
What if we told you that 90 days from now, you could be in control of your weight and fitness
WITHOUT going on a strict diet OR visiting a gym...?
Hard to believe but The New In 90 Program will tell you how to adapt your daily habits and routines - and THAT is the most effective way of losing weight and getting fit - FOR LIFE!
If you want to get PERMANENT control of your weight and fitness, then take just 5 minutes to read this.
 Hi, my name is Jean Ann Marnoch and I've been a fitness professional for over 35 years. 
In all that time, I've come to KNOW that the ONLY way to lose weight and get fit FOR THE LONG TERM is to change your daily eating and exercise habits.

Most people know this already but they make the FATAL mistake of trying to change EVERYTHING all in one go...and that just WON'T WORK.

If you want PERMANENT RESULTS, then you have to take it SLOWLY - a step at a time. Each of these small steps may seem ineffective when looked at in isolation, but, taken as a whole, they add up to a BRAND new approach to living!

So I got together with a small band of experts - nutrition and neuro-linguistic professionals - to devise 

The New In 90 Program.

It's simple to do, effective and the best thing about it is that ANYONE can do it and EVERYONE will see some benefit!
To show people how to get PERMANENT control of their weight and fitness 
in just 90 days
It may seem like an impossible task - you might have tried lots of different diets and wasted huge amounts of money on gym memberships - only to have them fail.

And it's not surprising! Not only is losing weight and getting fit HARD, but it's not really in the dieting industry's interest for diets to succeed! 

The New In 90 Program works by showing you each day how you can make the small by vital adjustments to your lifestyle...easy adjustments that you'll find the time AND motivation to do.

These small changes add up over 90 days until you've completed the Program and you'll discover you've changed your lifestyle for the better - almost without knowing it!

And, because you'll have made the changes slowly and easily, they're much more likely to be PERMANENT changes.

Your mind and body will have adapted and all those old habits will be a thing of the past.

So that’s how the Program works. Anyone can do it, everyone will see a difference AND it won't disrupt your busy working day! 
Not convinced?
Imagine a journey from A to B...
A is where you are now. 

Maybe you feel you're overweight and not active enough.

You don’t sleep that well and you're maybe stressed out.
Perhaps you've tried diets and exercise regimes before but, quite frankly, you're too busy and know in your heart of hearts that they don’t work long term.

Your health is suffering.

B is where you want to get to. 

B is a place and time where you feel in control of yourself. 

Your weight has dropped, you're more active, you sleep better, you're less stressed and more able to cope with life’s pressures. 

You're happier!

If you tried to get from A to B in one quick go, it would be impossible. 

That’s like learning to drive overnight, or learning a new language in a week! 

You'll also have many habits which are ingrained - ways of cooking and eating that you've maybe followed since you were young…and not all of these may be the best habits to have!

For instance, how many times do you hear people say “make sure you finish everything on your plate” or “I don’t want any leftovers”? 

Many of us were brought up on that kind of comment - and many of us think it would be “rude” to leave anything uneaten, irrespective of how full we are! 

How is that going to help our weight control?

So learning new “habits” when it comes to eating and exercise may also involve “unlearning” existing ones!

The only way to do this is to take it nice and slow. 

A bit at a time. 

By doing it in this way, the changes you make are much more likely to be permanent and long-lasting. 

Start now…there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Just think - if you could undo all those "bad" habits and start a whole lot of new "good" habits - would that help you lose weight and get fit - 
If you could get yourself in a position where you're no longer over-eating and taking more exercise - how would that make you feel? 

Pretty good I bet!

Then you won't have to worry about how many calories you're taking in - you won't have to feel guilty about missing that Zumba class because you'll be in control!

And the best thing?

It will be forever! 
"That sounds great" 
I hear you say.
But how exactly does The New In 90 Program work?
First up, you'll download the app to your i-Phone, i-Pad or to your e-Book reader if you'd prefer.

You'll see the links to the help and advice pages on our website, the really useful food guide AND your very own personal shopping list

Then you'll be ready to start!

Each day, we'll send you an objective containing 2 easy tasks - one for eating and one for activity.

They'll be really simple - and will fit easily into your busy day. 

For instance, the first day is "Drink more water" and "Sit up Straight" - how easy is that!

As you get in the swing, we'll give you more daily objectives but you'll get so used to doing them, they'll start to happen naturally - and you'll probably want to add your own as you go along!  

You'll get loads of help, advice and motivation as you go - and we'll show you how to give your mind a rest through meditation as well! 

You can join The New In 90 Community on Facebook Groups where you'll find loads of like-minded people all on the same journey!

Then, at the end of the 90 days, you'll discover that things have changed.

Your eating habits will be different, you'll be more active, you'll feel alive!
How does that sound?
Good - I hope!

"But it all sounds REALLY expensive" - I hear you say!

Well, if you download The New In 90 Program to your i-Phone or i-Pad via the App Store then you'll get all this:
  • The Full 90 Day Program.
  • Daily Objectives.
  • Focused Advice - on eating, exercise, meditation, motivation and much more.
  • Expert Help - we're here to maximise your chance of success.
  • Personal Shopping List - take it with you when you shop.
  • Food Knowledge - dispels the myths surrounding food.
  • FREE access to the New In 90 Group on Facebook
And you'll pay just 17 pence per day - that's under £5 per month.

There's no added costs or in-app payments - nothing.

Just a one-off £14.99 (absolutely no additional fees or costs).

And if you download the Program to your e-Book reader, the cost is just £9.99.

Not bad value for health and fitness peace of mind?
"Will The New In 90 Program work for me?"
New In 90 is especially designed for people who:
  •  Currently feel they want to lose weight - for good.
  •  Are inactive or don't exercise.
  •  Are stressed and tired.
  •  Hate diets.
  •  Don't like the idea of going to the gym or playing team sports.
  •  Haven't exercised for a long time.
  •  Are trying to get their fitness back after illness or pregnancy.
If you want a quick weight-loss solution and/or you exercise regularly, then The New In 90 Program is probably not for you.
Not quite ready to start your journey?
Don't worry!

It's vitally important that your mind is in the right place before you start any lifestyle change - even if you KNOW it's going to be of benefit.

There may be so many things stopping you - apart from the usual family and work pressures.

The most common barriers to starting your journey are often in your head and that's why The New In 90 Program is all about choice; your choice to make changes in your life that will improve your health and fitness now and in the future.

As you've probably learnt from experience, if you have ever wanted someone else to change their behaviours or habits, it will not make any difference however much advice you offer and however many practical suggestions you make - if that person does not choose to change, nothing will happen!

And it will be the same for you!

If you don't want to make the changes - then nothing you do will work.

So how can you get in the right mind-set?

Well, the New In 90 team have come up with a great article called "The 5 Golden Rules To Follow Before You Try and Lose Weight".

In it, we examine what may be stopping you start the journey and, vitally, we'll give you the tools to overcome any barriers that might be present.

You can get it TOTALLY FREE by just filling out the boxes below.
Find out more about The New In 90 Program
The New In 90 Weight Loss and Fitness Program
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