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This is not ‘yet another’ diet and exercise book.

There’s no new-fangled recipes, cooking techniques, meal plans, celebrity exercises or promises of miracle weight loss diets.

Instead, in a series of concise and effective Stepping Stones, we’ll show you exactly why it doesn’t actually matter what you eat, as long as you eat less of it, and how you’ll find it impossible not to lose weight if you combine eating less and moving around a bit more.

And we’ll be dispelling a few myths along the way!

The old ‘eat less, move around more’ mantra is as old as the hills. But if everyone knows this golden rule, why does anyone have any problems losing weight whenever they want to?

The real issue, of course, lies in our lifestyles and today’s easy availability of tempting foods and drinks. Unlike our ancestors, we don’t need to spend much of the day finding our food and it certainly tastes a lot better these days.

And here’s the thing - the only way of achieving your ‘happy’ weight and fitness level is to change the way you go about your day-to-day life – and that’s easier said than done!

So, instead of coming up with a clever gimmick that promises everything but delivers nothing, we’ll show you exactly how to do just this - transform your daily eating and activity habits so that, over time, you’ll be able to lose weight and get fit for good!

And how great will that feel?  
"Clear and motivational"
"Very readable - now it all makes sense"
"Brilliantly informative"
"A really helpful book"
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This easy-to-follow Program will show you:
- How to transform your daily habits and routines to lose weight and get fit for the long term.
- How to overcome any negative beliefs or barriers that might be standing in your way.
- How to navigate each Stepping Stone to maximise the effectiveness of the Program.
- How to embrace the concept of a ‘happy’ weight and fitness.
- How to never worry about weight and fitness again.
But you won’t find:
- Any strict diets or meal plans.
- Any hard exercise routines.
- Any ‘miracle’ weight loss or fitness ideas.

There’s also a whole range of extra tools and advice that will help you achieve your long term weight loss and fitness goals, including:
✔The Self Talk Audit
✔The Motivation Gauge
✔The Hunger Scale
✔The Magic of Meditation
✔10 Easy Ways To Turn Your Everyday Life Into An Exercise Circuit
✔10 simple-to-do exercises and stretches
This Program will show how to achieve your ideal weight for the long term - and overcome any barriers stopping you.
Now available in paperback or e-book
The Stepping Stone Program is bought to you by the New In 90 Team – a small group of individuals who are passionate about helping people achieve their happy weight and fitness without going on a permanent diet or exercise regime.

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