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I’ve tried many diets but none have really worked. Started NI90 about 8 weeks ago and it’s made a real difference. Out walking every day and toning up nicely…so it works for blokes as well!
Well worth the money which felt expensive for an app but ends up much cheaper than weight watchers or one of the other fitness programmes.



I’m on day 34 and the plan has really changed the way I approach eating and exercise. I love the motivational stuff and quite often go to the website for advice. I also use the shopping list a lot and have added a lot of my favourite things. I’ve always failed with diets before but I think this may just work…still a way to go though!


At last…a weight loss plan that tells you how it is and then tells you what to do! On day 32 and it’s working well. I’m already finding my habits are changing (for the better I hope!!) and I’m feeling much more energised.
Like the motivational stuff.


I was attracted to this plan because there’s no devout calorie counting like lots of other ones…and aims to be much more long lasting. That’s great for me because I am a serial yo-yo dieter.

On week 7 now and I really look forward to each daily objective.


After many years of trying every diet out there, I finally downloaded New In 90 (a friend said it was good) and am now on day 13.

The gradual approach works well…you’ll need a bit of patience and you won’t see pounds drop off overnight (mind you what diet ever does that?) but I can see how it IS going to work…there’s some really useful material on the website too….thanks!


Great plan so far *****

Been through the first week and it’s really making sense…easy to follow and great explanations as to why you’re doing each objective. Love the texts and linking to social media…really motivating!!


I’m on my second time round with the New In 90 app…started it last Autumn and finished just after Christmas. I really like the daily objectives so started it again! I’m making some of the exercise activities more difficult this time (changing the initial 10 min walk for a 20 min one for instance) but everything else is as before. The eating guidance is really good and I like having my daily reminders.

The best thing about the app is that it makes you feel in control again and gives lots of support. I’m much more active, less stressed and have lost about one and a half stone!



I started New In 90 before Christmas…risky bearing in mind how I usually over-indulge! However, I’ve found the advice and information to be really helpful and the fact that you get something to do each day makes it much easier to stay focused and motivated.
I’m on day 60 and have lost a stone so far, but I am changing my habits and routines. Gone are the daily coffee and muffin (I persuaded a friend of mine to come out walking instead!) and gone is the late night snacking!
The best thing is that I can now see how this process will set me up long term….so no more diets for me!


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