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The New In 90 Team and a small group of dedicated experts on a crusade to junk fad diets and gym crazes and get people fit and healthy by adapting their daily habits and routines for long term success.

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Why choose the New In 90 Program? 

“If the last few months have told us anything, staying as fit and healthy as possible is really, really important! 

But, once you get a bit older, there’s lots of reasons why it’s difficult to do this.

The New in 90 Program is really effective for two big reasons – it’s achievable and sustainable! You’ll never have to do anything that’s too hard or too complex and the Program is just gradual, simple-to-follow and fits easily into the day.”

Jean Ann Marnoch, Founder New In 90

Jean-Ann Marnoch

The ONLY way to lose weight and get fit FOR GOOD is to alter your daily habits and routines around eating and exercise.

And the only way to do THAT successfully is SLOWLY!

Make small changes EVERY DAY and you’ll start to see AND feel the difference.

And this time, it will be FOREVER.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

And the best thing is that the experts at New In 90 have devised a Program that shows you exactly how to do this.

No diets, no fad workouts and easy to fit into the day.

Just download the New In 90 App (or book) onto your smartphone (or e-book reader) and you’ll receive a series of easy daily objectives that will enable you to make the small but vital adjustments to your eating and exercise lifestyle…simple adjustments that you’ll be able to find the time and motivation to do.

You can try the first 7 days of the New In 90 Program for only £1.99 so get started NOW!

It could just be the best thing you’ve done so far this year!


See what our users say about the New In 90 App

I’m on day 34 and the plan has really changed the way I approach diet and exercise”

Vicky from Manchester

At last…a weight loss program that tells you how it is and then tells you what to do!”

Kirstie from Dagenham

I really like this because there’s no devout calorie counting!”

Suzie from Manchester

I can really see how this will work

Miche from Southampton

Love the motivational stuff and linking to social media

Rachel from Basingstoke

The best thing about the Program is that it makes you feel in control again

April from Leatherhead

This plan will set me up long term – so no more diets for me!

Lillian from Stockport

Started New In 90 about 8 weeks ago and it’s made a real difference – so it works for blokes as well!

Tony from Oxford

Not convinced?

Read these FAQs!

Q: What is New In 90?

A: New In 90 is an innovative new eating and fitness plan devised by experts and specifically aimed at the 80% of the UK population that don’t exercise regularly and the 61.7% of people who are overweight or obese (men and women, all ages).

Q: What does it do?

A: It takes the user through a 90 day “re-balancing” plan that replaces “unhealthy”  habits with “healthy” habits in easy and achievable steps.

Q: Eh?

A: Most overweight or unfit people have become so because they’ve got into the wrong habits, maybe relatively recently or perhaps from childhood – things like always taking the lift instead of the stairs, going in the car instead of walking, eating large portions at dinner, always having a biscuit with coffee etc, etc.

In order to make a PERMANENT difference, people have to replace these habits with better ones, not just by going on a “quick fix” diet or doing the latest exercise fad, but by gradually changing elements of their lifestyle. They also have to introduce more activity into their daily life, activity that provides the body with the correct amount of exercise to remain healthy and fit.

Q: How does the Program work?

A: Each day for 90 days, the New In 90 App delivers an objective to the user’s mobile. This objective contains 2 simple tasks, one connected with eating and one with exercise. The user completes the tasks and gets another objective the following day.

The Program also tells the user WHY the task is useful and gives encouragement and support throughout.

The book does exactly the same as the App but on a page by page basis.

Q: And that’s it?

A: Yes! As the Plan progresses, some of the tasks are incorporated into the user’s daily routines so that they become embedded into their lifestyle. If any of the objectives are missed, then they are just repeated the following day.

Q: Do I need any special equipment or clothing?

A: No! There are no long workouts and no special clothing is required. All it needs is a willingness to change.

Q: Tell us more about the “right frame of mind” approach.

A: Most diets and exercise fads just tell the user what to do and then leave them to get on with it. New In 90 recognises that it’s difficult to change habits and beliefs and provides help and advice on how to overcome this, both to start the plan AND to see it through to its successful conclusion. Users are also encouraged to use the website, facebook page and twitter to see how other people are getting on.

Q: Do I have to eat special foods?

A: No, but New In 90 encourages the user to replace potentially unhealthy foods for healthy ones and provides help and advice on how to do this.

Q: How much weight will I lose?

A: We don’t know! This is not about instant weight loss or running a marathon. This is about re-balancing your life when it comes to eating and exercise. Our experts will show you how to adapt your lifestyle so that you will automatically become fitter, slimmer and healthier. The difference is that this is a PERMANENT change after which you will be in control of your weight and fitness!

Q: I have two children and a hectic life. I have no time to exercise!

A: That’s fine! New In 90 is specifically designed for people like you! We show you how to make changes to fit in with the way you live and the other people around you!

Q: Why is New In 90 different to other plans?

A: It’s different because:

  • It recognises that traditional diets and fad exercise plans don’t tend to work. The only way to make a permanent change to eating habits (and therefore body weight) and fitness levels is to do it slowly, using simple steps that anyone can do, over a reasonable period of time.

  • New In 90 tells the user exactly how to do this and is there every day for the full 90 days, helping and giving advice.

  • The Plan also addresses how difficult it is to change existing habits and beliefs and tells the user how to do this so there is the maximum chance of success.

  • The Plan is devised by experts in their field. The advice they give is based on the very latest research and thinking.

  • It’s very low priced compared with most other weight loss and exercise plans etc. This is to make is very accessible to our target market.

Download New In 90 now from the app store and get started TODAY.


The original New In 90 Program is a downloadable App which shows you how to transform daily habits and routines over a 90 day period to achieve long-lasting weight control and fitness. It’s easy-to-follow objectives are simple but effective.

“The best thing about the App is that it makes me feel in control again and gives lots of support. I’m much more active, less stressed and have lost about one and a half stone!”

iOS app store review


Also available as an e-Book


✔Download the New In 90 App from the iOS store and start today.

✔Try the first 7 days for only £1.99 before committing to the full Program.

✔Daily eating and activity objectives for 90 days.

✔Miss a day? No worries – you can go at your own pace.

✔Lots of help and advice to maximise the effectiveness of the Program.

✔Customisable shopping list.

✔FREE guide “The 5 Golden Rules to follow BEFORE you start the weight loss journey”.

✔How to remove barriers standing in your way.

✔Important recap and self-help tools.

✔The Self-Talk Audit.

✔The Motivation Gauge.

✔The Hunger Scale.

✔The Magic of Meditation.

✔Ideal for people who hate diets and gyms.

✔Specific advice on motivation and how to keep your mind focused on your objectives and goals.

✔Food guide for healthier choices.

✔Full access to the New In 90 website and community with fantastic articles and features to help and advise you.

Use the Stepping Stones to make simple but crucial changes to your daily habits and routines for long-lasting results.

No diets, no gyms and no monthly fee.

“Clear and motivational”

“Brilliantly informative”

“A really helpful book”

“After reading this, I’m back in control for good”

Amazon reviews


If you would prefer to buy the book direct then just touch the button for order details

✔Do you really need to lose weight at all? Our handy tables will give you the lowdown.

✔You don’t have to be a scientist but knowing about fat and what your body does with it will help you understand what needs to be done.

✔What are calories?

✔The truth about a ‘balanced’ diet.

✔What’s your happy weight?

✔Introducing The 4 Stepping Stones.

✔The process and form of change.

✔The amazing thing about triggers.

✔Struggling to start? 

✔How to change more ingrained habits and beliefs.

✔How to remove barriers standing in your way.

✔Important recap and self-help tools.

✔The Self-Talk Audit.

✔The Motivation Gauge.

✔The Hunger Scale.

✔The Magic of Meditation.

✔Why Meditation is so important.

✔Meditation – getting started.

✔Meditation – the benefits.

✔Your journey.

✔A final message.

✔Need more help?

✔The New In 90 Stepping Stone Coaching Program.

✔The New In 90 Weight Loss and Fitness Program.

✔Want to get more active?

✔Ten easy ways to turn your everyday life into one great exercise circuit!

✔Great exercises and stretches to fit into your day.

✔Special introductory price just £9.99.


The New In 90 VIP Coaching Program is a 12 week one-to-one plan to take you through every stage to achieve your weight and  fitness objectives. Help, advice and guidance throughout with your personal online coach.

“We’ve developed this new VIP Program to really provide the personal coaching required to guide the user through a period of important transformational change”

Jean Ann Marnoch – New In 90 founder

✔One-to-one coaching (either online or via phone) for the full 90 day VIP Program.

✔FREE copy of New In 90’s Stepping Stone Program (worth £9.99).

✔FREE download (iPhone, i-Pad and e-Book users only) of the original New In 90 Program (worth £16.98).

✔FREE Guide “The 5 Golden Rules to follow BEFORE you start the weight loss journey”.

✔The Self-Talk Audit.

✔The Motivation Gauge.

✔The Hunger Scale.

✔The Magic of Meditation.

✔Ideal for people who hate diets and gyms.

✔Specific advice on motivation and how to keep your mind focused on your objectives and goals.

✔Food guide for healthier choices.

✔Full access to the New In 90 website and community with fantastic articles and features to help and advise you.

The New In 90 Programs are all about choice – your choice to make the changes in your life that will improve your health and fitness now and in the future.

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