Why New In 90?

Most diets either concentrate on regulating what you actually eat or restricting a certain type of food group, and many exercise programmes depend on regular high intensity workouts.

The New In 90 Program takes a different view and focuses on your habits, routines and beliefs surrounding eating and activity. Only by slowly changing these over a period of time will you be able to make a permanent difference to your weight and fitness.

New in 90 will show you exactly how to do this. Every day you’ll receive a new objective and, over time, you’ll find that your habits and routines will be changing – almost without you knowing it!

What’s the next step?

If you are REALLY ready to start your weight loss journey, then you should read our great article on what you need to do FIRST – you can get it here

The 5 Golden Rules to follow BEFORE you try and lose weight

Then you can download the entire New In 90 Program from the iOS app store (for i-phones and i-pads) or Amazon (for e-book readers) and start today!


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