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The First Step to a Healthier Lifestyle

New In 90 is our complete plan for those people who feel they are presently overweight, inactive and really want to change their lifestyle!

Over ninety days, you will receive a daily objective consisting of two simple tasks, one for eating and one for exercise. As the plan progresses, we’ll slowly introduce more objectives as your routines and habits gradually change. You’ll start to feel and see the difference as you begin to be more active and in control of what you eat and drink.

Could THIS be the best way for you to lose weight and get fit?

This article will take you about ONE MINUTE to read and it could just be the start of a whole new way of life… It’s a stark fact but the vast majority of New Year diets are dumped by the wayside before January is even over! This statistic just seems to prove how difficult the whole “get fit…get slim” thing […]

Can alcohol ever fit into a healthy lifestyle? Read this to find out…

In most diets and fitness regimes, the role of alcohol is often overlooked…probably because it’s assumed you just don’t drink it if you’re on a real health kick. However, to many people, drinking alcohol would not only be difficult to give up totally but is highly enjoyable…and definitely seen as one of life’s little “treats”. So saying that, we all […]

Don’t waste your time on a temporary diet – go for a permanent solution

Are YOU going to “go on a diet” in January? Ooops! We’ve fallen for the diet industry’s hype – again! They’ve managed to instil into us a general belief that the key to weight loss is obsessive calorie counting for a fixed period of time…leading to the oft-used expression “go on a diet”. So, for most of us, the diet […]

Don’t say “I want to lose weight”; say “it’s time to change”

As we all try to digest Christmas and move towards the New Year, how many people do you think want to lose some weight in 2019? And how many people want to lose a bit and how many a lot? 10%….20%…80%? There’s no really definitive research out there but if you take into account that 64% of UK adults are […]


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