The New In 90 Weight Loss and Fitness Program works by slowly changing your daily habits and routines.

Designed by experts, it’s ideal for people who want LONG-LASTING results. It’s low cost, effective and fits easily into a busy day.

The New In 90 Program is all about choice – your choice to make changes in your life that will improve your health and fitness now and in the future

See how New In 90 can help YOU

NO diets

NO gyms

NO calorie counting

NO meal plans


See what our users say about New In 90

I’m on day 34 and the plan has really changed the way I approach diet and exercise”

Vicky from Manchester

At last…a weight loss program that tells you how it is and then tells you what to do!”

Kirstie from Dagenham

I really like this because there’s no devout calorie counting!”

Suzie from Manchester

I can really see how this will work

Miche from Southampton

Love the motivational stuff and linking to social media

Rachel from Basingstoke

The best thing about the Program is that it makes you feel in control again

April from Leatherhead

This plan will set me up long term – so no more diets for me!

Lillian from Stockport

Started New In 90 about 8 weeks ago and it’s made a real difference – so it works for blokes as well!

Tony from Oxford

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“The New in 90 Program is really effective for two big reasons – it’s achievable and it’s sustainable! It doesn’t ask you to do anything that’s too hard or too complex, it’s just simple, gradual and fits easily into a busy working day.”

Jean Ann Marnoch, Founder New In 90

Jean-Ann Marnoch

With New In 90 you get all this

  • The full 90 day program

  • Daily objectives

  • Focused advice

  • Expert help

  • Personal shopping list

  • Food lists

  • Free access to the New In 90 Community

  • Support from other New In 90 users

All for under 17 pence per day

It’s easy to use and ANYONE will see results

Join the New In 90 Community

Chat, help, get advice – see what’s going on with other New In 90 users!

What If You Could Be Part Of Something Much Bigger?

Be Part of a MOVEMENT to take your life back into your own hands.

New In 90 is a place where you can be YOURSELF.

A friendly community that offers help and advice – when you need it most!

New In 90 is YOUR community, where you can get inspiration and INSPIRE others.

We are a dedicated group of powerful individuals taking our health back into our own hands.

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What’s in the New In 90 Program?

New In 90 is our bit-by-bit habit-changing weight loss and exercise program for those people who feel they are presently overweight, inactive and really want to change their lifestyle! You can use it easily on your iPhone, tablet or e-Book reader.

New In 90 features:

  • Easy to use interface.

  • 90 daily objectives with help and advice each day

  • Simple and achievable daily objectives that anyone can do.

  • Help and support from experts throughout to make the plan even more effective.

  • Specific advice on motivation and how to keep your mind focused on your objectives and goals.

  • Essential shopping list (plus you can add your own items as you go along).

  • Food guide.

  • Full access to the New In 90 website and community with fantastic articles and features to help and advise you.

Start the New In 90 Program today

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