4 great tips for exercising at home – from the experts at New In 90

In normal times, most people will be active for a lot of the time just going about everyday tasks, but with what amounts pretty much to a home lock down, this becomes impossible.

If you’ve got a back garden or local park, then at least there is an outlet for letting off steam (provided of course you keep 2 metres away from anyone else), but if you’re stuck in a flat, then the problem is even worse.

So our experts here at New In 90 have come up with their tops tips for keeping the body (and mind) active over the next few weeks (or, heaven help us, months).

1 When you clean your teeth in the morning, do slow squats as you brush. This is a great exercise for your legs, tummy and butt and you can make them as hard as you like. For beginners, just bend your knees a few inches, and then raise back up again. For more seasoned squatters, drop lower so your knees are 90 degrees (don’t go lower). For an even harder option, use one leg only.

For the evening teeth clean, lean against a wall or wardrobe and bend your knees, sliding your back down the wall as you bend. Again go as low as you can and hold whilst you brush. Remember to breathe normally throughout.

2 Whenever you’re waiting for the kettle to boil (or waiting for anything), work on your posture. Shoulders back, tummy in and head tall. Don’t hold your breath and keep your tummy muscles firm. Hold for 10 and then relax.

Having a good posture will alleviate many bad back symptoms and make you feel alive and fit.







3 When you do go out for your daily stroll, make sure you walk briskly! Pump your arms and focus on good walking form. The aim is to slightly increase your heart rate for at least 15-20 minutes if you can. If you can’t go out, then you can walk around your garden, or walk on the spot inside. Lift your knees up as high as possible to increase the workload on your body.

If you have stairs, go up and down several times – taking the steps two at a time to work harder. Set yourself a challenge each time – start off with a really easy target to begin with so that you can never fail.

4 Give your mind a rest! With all this stress flying around, it makes huge sense to “turn off” your mind for a few minutes each day. This will be hugely beneficial, especially for those people who get very anxious.

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Until next time, stay healthy.

Sue from the New In 90 Team