Could THIS be the best way for you to lose weight and get fit?

This article will take you about ONE MINUTE to read and it could just be the start of a whole new way of life…

It’s a stark fact but the vast majority of New Year diets are dumped by the wayside before January is even over! This statistic just seems to prove how difficult the whole “get fit…get slim” thing is to maintain for the long term.

Our view is simple…the only way to get fitter and healthier (and therefore slimmer) is to swap out all the “unhealthy” habits and routines and replace them with “healthy” ones! Forget fad diets and trendy exercise regimes because the important thing is when, why and what you eat combined with when and how active you are.

There’s NO point in cutting out carbs for a month for instance, or starving yourself for two days a week if you then don’t change your overall eating habits and routines in the long term.

If you’re stuck in the “wanting to do something” but every diet you’ve ever tried to go on is too hard, then don’t despair!

If you follow these simple “thinking” steps, then by spring, you could be in control and looking forward to a slimmer and fitter summer!

So, ask yourself this:

Do you REALLY want to get fitter and healthier for the long term? Or do you just want to drop a few pounds by expending the least possible effort?

Read our article The 5 golden rules before you try to lose weight for some great insight here.

If the answer to the first question is a resounding “yes” then how do you feel about the following statement:

If I stop worrying about “dieting” and “losing weight” and try a new approach, how does that make me feel? 

Take a moment to consider this – how does it make you feel? Happy? Relieved? Annoyed?

If saying the words to yourself makes you feel positive, then great! See how you feel about this:

If I could learn a “new” way of life when it comes to eating and activity, and it sets me up to be fitter, healthier and slimmer for the long term, then am I prepared to give it a go? 

If you answer this positively, then you’ve already made a big step…so now think about this.

If you decided to learn a new language, or drive a car for instance, then what would be your learning expectation? Would you think you’d be able to do it quickly…in a few weeks or a month? Or would you think that it’s going to take time and practice but it’ll be worth it because you’ll have a great skill that will stay with you for the rest of your life?

Now this is the mindset you need for your “healthier lifestyle” journey and the really good news is that this journey will be easier than learning a new language!

So now say this to yourself:

If I can adapt my habits and routines surrounding eating and activity, I will get fitter. I will get healthier and I will get slimmer. 

Does that feel right? Does it make you feel excited?

If the answer to the last two questions is a resounding “yes”, then you’re probably ready to start!

So what’s the next step?

This approach is not new or revolutionary and there’s lots of advice out there to follow. However, it’s all very well for people to say “change your habits” but it’s another thing entirely to then actually do it for yourself.

That’s where New In 90 comes in. It’s a structured plan that will show you, not how to crash diet or run a 10k race, but how to slowly and simply adapt your existing daily routines to achieve the desired results.

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Good luck!

The New In 90 team