Are YOU going to “go on a diet” in January?

Ooops! We’ve fallen for the diet industry’s hype – again!

They’ve managed to instil into us a general belief that the key to weight loss is obsessive calorie counting for a fixed period of time…leading to the oft-used expression “go on a diet”.

So, for most of us, the diet cycle follows the same path.

Step 1: We think we need to lose weight

Step 2: We choose a diet

Step 3: We go “on it”

Step 4: We lose some weight (if we work hard at it)

Step 5: We either reach our “target weight” or we give up (most times)

Step 6: We put the weight back on

Step 7: Return to step 1!

If this is familiar to you, then no worries, you are in common with the majority of the adult population!

The reason for this failure rate is relatively simple. By drastically reducing the amount of food you eat over a period of time you will lose weight (based on the old calories in/calories out formula) but what do you do when you reach that sought after “target weight”?

Do you stop the diet…i.e do you go back to how you were eating before? Or do you stay on it? Or do you go on a sort of “half” diet?

If the former, then it’s likely you are going to put weight on again. If either the second or third choice, then it looks like you are going to be dieting for the rest of your life…and where’s the fun in that?

So, ask yourself this question:

Do I really need to lose weight? (Unsure? Read this article – “Overweight? Here’s an easy test to help”)

If the answer is yes then:

Do I want to lose weight for good?

If the answer to this is yes than say this:

The only way to lose weight for good is to change my lifestyle around food and exercise. 

How does that feel when you say it? Scary? Impossible? Say it again!

“Changing your lifestyle” sounds scary because most people think they can’t…they’re too busy, too many commitments, no time in the day,  it will effect too many other people etc. It sounds too “way out” and impossible…but of course, it’s not!

Actually it’s very easy to change your lifestyle when it comes to eating and exercise…in fact, it will require a lot less willpower than going on a strict diet!

All it needs is a desire to change and the realisation that this is a life long project, rather than a quick fix.

Get into this mindset and you’ll be well on your way…and the really good news is that you’ll notice the difference after only a day because once you actually start your journey, you’ll be a step closer to where you want to be…and that’s someone who has control over their weight and fitness, health and well being.

Good luck!

The New In 90 team

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