If you are trying to get a bit slimmer, fitter and healthier, the hardest thing, bar NONE is stay motivated enough to overcome temptation. You can have all the diet books in the world at your fingertips but when that chocolate biscuit or treacle sponge craving comes knocking, many of us find it impossible to resist.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was just a one-off slip, but all so often it signals the start of a return to old habits and the imminent end to any sort of dieting effort.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, one of our more regular readers, Sue from Basingstoke, has sent us HER tips to overcome these “difficult” times and to keep on the road to the kind of healthy lifestyle most of us are looking for in the long term. See what you think and send us any tips that have worked for you.

When it comes to yo-yo dieting, I am one of the very worst! I’ve tried them all over the last 10 or so years and have always “given in” to some sort of temptation or other…often within a few days of starting! It’s been hopeless.

However, doing New In 90 has made me change my whole approach and my new philosophy seems to be working! I have lost some weight, but more important, my attitude is changing…and I can see how a long term approach will not only get me fitter, but also make my weight adjust to what I consider to be “normal”. Once I realised this, all the pressure that most diets pile on you, disappeared and more motivation kicked in.

So here’s some tips that I’ve found useful…maybe they will for you as well!

On motivation:

You got to really WANT to change in order to change. If you are doing it on a whim or just “giving it a go”, then you probably won’t change anything.

If you have decided you DO want to change, then decide to START. Once you start, take each day as it comes and give yourself a big pat on the back when you go to bed. The first day is hard, but then the more you change, the more motivated you’ll become.

Think long term…think “this is for life”. If you do that, the “instant” results are not so important.

Take small steps…don’t immediately rush into marathons or starvation diets. Do things that you will be able to do rather than set yourself up for failure.

Get the support of those around you. It took a while to get my two boys and husband on board but once they saw the difference in me, they were really good…in fact they now help me!

Talk to yourself! Keep saying how good you are being and how you are going to feel in a few months, in a year, in five years. You are your own coach!

On temptation:

Get rid of it! Stop buying treats, snacks and fizzy drinks. If you don’t have them in the house, then you can’t eat them. This is especially important in the first few weeks. Clear the cupboards out and throw away all those sugary temptations! Don’t worry about the rest of the family – they’ll adapt with you!

If you have a craving for something…don’t dwell on it and don’t try and ignore it. The first thing I do is to drink a glass of water…and that normally puts the genie back in his box. If that doesn’t work, get up and do something…anything (I find a quick walk is best) at all. Jump up and down and shout at yourself if that works!

Talk to yourself (again)! If you feel yourself giving in to temptation, give yourself a good talking to…tell yourself what you want to achieve and how you don’t really need what is tempting you. 

Revel in resisting! Once the urge passes, congratulate yourself, particularly early on. The more you do it, the easier it will become…promise!

Give into it sometimes! Who wants to never have a treat ever again? Not me for sure, so I do have occasional treats but beware…make sure your treat is small and savour every mouthful.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Thanks Sue!

The New in 90 team

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