I’ve tried many diets but none have really worked. Started NI90 about 8 weeks ago and it’s made a real difference. Out walking every day and toning up nicely…so it works for blokes as well! Well worth the money which felt expensive for an app but ends up much...

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I’m on day 34 and the plan has really changed the way I approach eating and exercise. I love the motivational stuff and quite often go to the website for advice. I also use the shopping list a lot and have added a lot of my favourite things. I’ve...

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At last…a weight loss plan that tells you how it is and then tells you what to do! On day 32 and it’s working well. I’m already finding my habits are changing (for the better I hope!!) and I’m feeling much more energised. Like the motivational stuff.

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I was attracted to this plan because there’s no devout calorie counting like lots of other ones…and aims to be much more long lasting. That’s great for me because I am a serial yo-yo dieter. On week 7 now and I really look forward to each daily objective.

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