The multi-billion pound diet industry totally depends on the fact that diets don’t work for over 90% of people who try them!

FACT: If every diet worked perfectly, they’d be no diet industry.

That’s because trying to control what you actually put into your mouth is treating the symptoms, not the cause.

It’s not WHAT you put in, it’s WHY.

So discover the WHY and starting changing that if you want long term weight control and fitness.

Why do we eat?

HUNGER? Not the reason. We’re really lucky because hardly ANYONE (in the developed world that is) eats just because they’re hungry. In fact, most of us probably have no real idea what being hungry actually feels like.

NECESSITY? Not really the reason. Being hungry is not a life threatening condition in the short term – people can go for days without eating and not suffer any long term effects (apart from weight loss!). It’s different with liquid – the human body can only go a few days without water.

HABIT? Absolutely. How many people have a meal at the allotted times – even when they don’t really need to? How many people automatically have a muffin or biscuit with their coffee or tea? How many people “go out for food”? How many people automatically get a takeaway at the end of an evening out?

In fact, when was the last time you passed on some food because you weren’t hungry?

OK, so if the answer to permanent weight loss and fitness is changing habits, just change habits – EASY!

But it’s not – in fact we are creatures of habit (over 40% of EVERYTHING we do is out of habit) and they’re pretty hard to change – particularly ones which may have been instilled into you since childhood.

That’s why we’ve developed The New In 90 Weight Loss and Fitness Program.

Over 90 days, it’ll show you exactly how to “undo” all those habits that are linked with unnecessary eating and replace them with “good” ones.


Less food + more activity = Lose weight and get fitter

Get the full lowdown on how to start this Program here – and then change your life FOR GOOD.

No diets, no gyms, no calorie counting.

Good luck

The New In 90 Team