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In this article, we’ll tell you why doing a food diary can really help you kick start your lifestyle revolution.

It’s a real fact that most people totally underestimate how much food and drink they have each day – you may think you’re taking in about the right number of calories, but the reality is, you’re going way over!

It’s also a stark truth that the ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less (i.e. consume less energy than your body needs, so that it’s forced to raid the fat deposits to top up) and move around more (thus forcing your body to use even more of your existing energy bank).

So if you’re someone who wants to maybe lose some weight and get fitter, then a great place to start is by sitting down and writing a food/drink diary for the previous day – but make sure it’s as near an “average” day as possible.

Write absolutely everything down – even the amount of water you drink. And the crucial thing here is, don’t just write down what (including quantity) you consume, write down the circumstances as well.

If you can do it for several days, then the end results will be much more meaningful.

Once you have the facts in front of you, it should be easy to see where the issues lie – both in terms of “calories in” and also “eating situations”.

Then you have to do two things:

1 Break your daily habits and routines – reduce the amount of food you eat by cutting out the number of times you eat. So if you go to the coffee shop at 11am and have a latte and muffin – miss your normal lunch and have some fruit instead – and then substitute what you may have had for lunch (a sandwich for example) for supper. Cut your portion size or miss out a meal altogether – just to prove to yourself you can.

2 Identify the times when you always have food and then change the situation. For instance, instead of a biscuit (or two) with an afternoon cup of tea, don’t go anywhere near the kitchen or kettle and go for a quick walk with a bottle of water.

These two examples are just that. They’re designed to prove to yourself that you can transform the way you live your daily life when it comes to eating and drinking. Once you do that, you’ll be ready to make the necessary long-term life changes that will see you take back control of your weight and fitness.

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