Let’s face it – most of us KNOW that we should probably lose some weight and be more active – particularly as we get a bit older.

But we also know that most diets and fad exercise routines are difficult to do – particularly in the long term.


The only EFFECTIVE way to lose weight and get fit for good is to change daily habits, routines and beliefs surrounding food and activity.

This sounds easier said than done, so the New In 90 plan makes it simple and achievable to do.

Over a period of three months, New In 90 will give you a series of easy daily objectives, via your smartphone or e-book, that will enable you to make the small but vital adjustments to your eating and exercise lifestyle…simple adjustments that you’ll be able to find the time and motivation to do.

You’ll soon begin to feel and see the difference.

And doing New In 90 will produce PERMANENT change – you won’t have to worry about your weight or fitness ever again because you’ll be in control.

How good will that feel?

Don’t wait. Start today by downloading either the New In 90 App to your smartphone

or the New In 90 Book to your e-reader.

COST? New In 90 only costs £4.99 – a small price to pay compared with other expensive weight loss plans or gym subscriptions.

In fact, what have you got to lose…apart from weight that is?

Start today and be a new you in just 90 days.

Find out how others have got on – read our TESTIMONIALS.

Good luck
The New In 90 team.

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