Do you want to lose weight and get fitter but are not really sure what’s the best approach for long term success?
If you’re one of those people then read on – it’ll only take a few minutes and could make all the difference!
The most important thing to do if you want to lose weight is NOT to go on a diet – very few diets work in the long term (why do you think the dieting industry is so big? If diets worked – it wouldn’t be!) because they’re trying to address a symptom, rather than a cause. No soon as you say “I’m going to stick to 1000 calories today”, you’ll be heading for the coffee shop for a latte and muffin. Likewise – don’t bother with a fad exercise regime if you’re not used to regular exercise in your daily life.
Three main things to think about:
  1. You’ve got to WANT to lose weight and get fitter – not just “think” you should, or your friend or doctor suggesting that it would be good – YOU’VE really got to WANT to. If you are stuck at this point read The Five Golden Rules to follow BEFORE you try and lose weight” article.
  2. DON’T think that losing weight is all about what food and drink you put into your mouth – sure that’s part of the process but it’s not the cause. The cause is the habits and routines you follow in your day to day life that result in you eating more than your body needs. Change those and you’ll start to notice a difference.
  3. Don’t try and change a lot of things QUICKLY. Instead, change or alter something really small everyday so that your mind and body are almost fooled into thinking nothing at all is happening!
Sometimes the last point is the most difficult to get your head round. If we decide to do something, we normally want results quickly – that’s why sensational headlines such as “lose a stone in a week” hold such an attraction to us.
Instead, think that you’ll “tweak” something day-by-day and every time you do, congratulate yourself! Do it for a week, then a month, then a year and bingo, you’ll have it conquered!
It’s the same as learning a new language – you’ll never do it in a week, but do a little bit everyday and you’ll pick it up much more quickly.
This is the approach we use in New In 90 – slow and steady wins the race! Each day, we’ll give you two simple objectives which will start to change the way you think and act around food and exercise. We’ll also give you lots of advice as you go.
Our Day 1 objectives are “Drink 5 glasses of water” and  “Whenever you sit down today, sit up straight with your tummy TIGHT, shoulders relaxed and neck long”. So how difficult is that?!
Isn’t it about time you started the journey?
Good luck!
The New In 90 team.
New In 90 has been specially designed for people who want to lose weight and get fit FOR GOOD. It works by gradually changing your daily habits and routines so that you eat less and exercise more – leading to long term weight loss and improved fitness.
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