Why missing a meal could just be the best thing you ever did…

Whilst there are hundreds of “diets” and “exercise fads” out there, the old adage of calories in and calories out still holds true.

Remember that about 85% of fat is lost via the air you breath out, so the only way lose weight is to eat less, be active and breath more.

We all know that’s easier said than done – and when you finally reach your “ideal” weight, you have to work out how to keep it!

For a lot of people, that means a life of yo-yo dieting, expensive meal plans and languishing gym memberships.


The good news is that there is a solution – and it’s not a life of serial dieting or marathon running!    

The BIG problem is that eating has now become disconnected with what the human body actually needs – which actually isn’t very much. In fact, people can go for an amazingly long time without food (not water, which is a much more necessary thing for life!) without any long term side-effects (apart from weight loss!).

Food is now connected to our lifestyles and daily habits and routines – not our body’s requirements.

So the first thing you have to do if you want to lose some weight is to break that connection – to “disassociate” food from all the things that happen regularly throughout the average day.

And a great first step – if only to PROVE to yourself that things can change – is to MISS A MEAL.

Many people would go into a panic just by contemplating such a thing!

But here’s the thing.

Missing a meal will prove to yourself that –

a) You won’t die.

b) You’ve got the will power to do it.

c) You can get back control of your weight.

If you prove to yourself you can miss a meal, you can miss a muffin, you can miss a snack, you can miss a second helping, you can miss a large helping of chips and you can miss a late night raid on the fridge.

And once you do that you’ll have overcome a huge barrier to permanent weight control.

Because you’ll be “learning” how to eat less.

Remember, this DOESN’T mean giving up on all the tasty treats we know and love. No one wants to stop eating chocolate or having a full English breakfast – all you need to do is to eat less.

And, if you combine this approach with moving around more, then you’ll lose weight – and be fitter and healthier.

And THAT sounds good!

So go on, take the “Miss a Meal” challenge – and then post a note up our Facebook or Twitter page “I missed a meal”.

Good luck!

The New In 90 Team

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