Do you want to be fitter and slimmer for summer? Here’s how…

Forget fad diets promising a supermodel’s body!

With Spring well and truly here, you can bet there’ll soon be the latest quick fix diets and trendy exercise regimes spread all across the papers and magazines promising a supermodel body in the flash of an eye with a couple of wobbly workouts and a glass of green sludge!

Mmmn, maybe the instant solution won’t quite work, but if you are one of those people who WOULD like to be a bit slimmer and fitter by the time the holiday season comes around, then now’s a great time to think about HOW you can start the process off.

First of all, get rid of all thoughts of instant diets or back-breaking exercise regimes…they’re too difficult and probably won’t work.

However, the good news is that there’s easily time to make a big change! We always say that you’ll need a minimum of three months, so if you start now, your first big checkpoint will be July…which will be just right.

So what’s the objective?

Well, first of all, decide you want to make a change. Imagine how you’re going to feel come the summer when you’ve achieved what you set out to do. Believe it or not, this is often the most difficult barrier to overcome on the “get healthier” road…and it’s crucial that you really WANT to do it!

Secondly, decide what your goal is going to be. Do you just want to shed some pounds so you feel a bit better on the beach…or do you want to make a bigger, more permanent change?

We always strongly support the latter…going onto short term diets won’t help you get fitter and healthier for the long term and remember, the fitter and healthier you are, the less you’ll have to worry about weight – that will take care of itself.

So use this opportunity to go further – set yourself up, not just for summer, but for the rest of your life.

What do we mean?

Think of your weight loss/get fit journey in the same way as you would learning a new skill, like driving a car or a new trade. Master the basics in a relatively short time, but then spend the rest of your life consolidating and enjoying those new skills.

So imagine yourself in mid-June.

You may only have lost a bit of weight, but you’ll have changed your eating and activity habits and beliefs. You’ll have adapted your body and mind to eat less and be more active. You won’t have to worry about your weight, because you’ll be seeing it reducing naturally. You’ll be much more active and have more energy. You’ll probably be sleeping better and be less stressed.


That sounds like a good objective doesn’t it?

So if you are reading this and saying “Yes I want this”, then you’re probably ready to start!

The golden rules to kick start this process are twofold:

Be more active

Eat less food and sugary drinks (water is great!)

Now, you’ve probably just read that and thought “well, that’s not new…I see that advice all the time”.

However, most advice out there will be:

Be more active – go the gym

Eat less food and sugary drinks – go on a diet

We’re not advocating either of these things (although you may certainly want to go to the gym, or look at doing a sport in stage 2!), instead:

A) Be more active – work out how to adapt your daily routines and habits so that you automatically become more active anyway.

B) Work out how to adapt your daily eating and drinking habits and routines so that you automatically don’t eat and drink as much.

See the difference? Sound much more achievable doesn’t it?

If you like the sound of this approach, and really want to make a difference for summer, then you should start our New In 90 Program. It will show you exactly how to to make these changes over a three month period – it’s really simple to follow and everybody will see results. There’s also lots of help and advice on the website that will give you all the support you need.

Good luck!

The New in 90 team

You can download the entire New In 90 Program from the iOS app store (for i-phones and i-pads) or Amazon (for e-book readers) and start today!
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