Are you ready to take back control of your weight and fitness?

Would you like to throw away that diet book forever?

In this article, we’ll show you that the best way to PERMANENTLY take control of your weight and fitness.

Are you one of those people who knows that they should maybe lose a bit of weight and be a bit fitter?

Do you try various diets and fitness regimes, but then revert to old ways in a few weeks?

Do you start the week with good intentions about eating less and exercising more but then give in when a friend asks you to go to a coffee shop for a muffin and latte?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then you won’t be alone!

The recent newspaper headlines about most people under-estimating their calorie intake tells the whole story!

However, the way we all live today makes dieting and exercising REALLY hard – so no wonder most of us don’t have much success.

So, if you’re serious about losing some weight and getting fitter, let us show you a way of doing it that’s both¬†SIMPLE and LONG TERM.

We’re not going to be revealing some amazing secret – we’re just going to give you some expert advice that WILL let you take back control.

So, if you’re ready to start (have you read ‘The five golden rules to follow BEFORE you try and lose weight’?), then understand this:

If you want to PERMANENTLY lose weight and get fitter, then you HAVE to change your eating and exercise habits and routines.

This immediately sounds hard – but it isn’t, provided you take it slowly.

Imagine you had to learn a new language – would you try and do a ‘crash course’, or would you think the best way to become proficient is to do a small bit every day?

So, we advocate making a small change or adjustment every day. These small changes then add up and gradually your behaviour towards eating and exercise will change – WITHOUT YOU REALLY NOTICING!

That’s when you’ll notice the real difference!

By doing it this way, the changes you make will be permanent, rather than going on a diet which normally puts quite severe restrictions on you for short amounts of time.

Are you ready to try it?

Then download the New In 90 app from the i-store here

We’ll guide you through 90 days of objectives, tasks and changes which will change the way you feel about eating and exercise.

The cost? Just £1.99 for the first 7 days Рand then you can decide whether or not you want to continue with the Program.

The results? Follow the Program and you’ll be on the road to permanent control of your weight and fitness.

Now, think how good that will feel!

Good luck

The New In 90 team.

P.S. Still not convinced?

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