If you want to achieve or change something in your life then there’s a fair chance it’s going to take some time and probably hard work. Starting a new job, moving house, learning a new language or learning to drive will all take a real mind-set to do successfully.

However, when it comes to becoming a bit healthier, we don’t tend to give it the attention it deserves. That’s because losing weight and getting more active (the key components to better lifestyle) is really tough…particularly when we all lead such busy lives!

That’s why a lot of us resort to quick fix diets and fad exercise regimes in the hope that the problem will be solved quickly. Unfortunately they don’t tend to work, leaving us frustrated and maybe even heavier than before.

If this is you, then it’s time to stop and take stock.

The first thing to do is to decide you want to get fit and healthy NOT that you want to lose weight! By thinking like this, you’ll approach the challenge in the right way and have far more chance of long term success. Stabilising your weight so that you NEVER have to worry about it again will come as a by product of your new healthy lifestyle and should not be an end in itself. So think this:

I am going to get fitter and healthier and that’s the way it’s going to be for the rest of my life

And NOT this:

I’m going to lose a stone in a month by going on a special diet

You may not even know what your target weight is and it’ll certainly be difficult to accurately measure your heart and lung fitness without going for special tests at the GP…so don’t worry about it.

The second thing to do is realise that this “change” process will take time. It won’t happen in a week or a month! But that’s OK because what you are doing is for the rest of your life…so you have plenty of time! However, you are going to feel good about it from day 1 and the further you go, the better you will feel. How different that is from a strict diet, which is normally hell from start to finish!

The third thing is to understand how this change will take place. The journey to good health won’t come from cutting out food on two days a week, or by eating a certain food group, or even by running a marathon! What you actually put in your mouth is merely the end result of a complex series of thoughts, routines and habits and it is these that you have to adapt if you want to get long term results.

The fourth thing is to start the journey!

This is maybe the hardest part – and that’s where the New In 90 plan comes in. Rather than sit and wonder how you are going to go about adapting your habits and routines, New In 90 will actually tell you what to do, on a day by day basis, for ninety days! Your journey won’t end there, but you will have made all the right changes and know exactly where you are going!

New In 90 does this by sending (to your phone or e-book) an easy and very achievable eating and exercise task each day. They won’t involve any sort of strict dieting or sweaty workout session and are especially designed to fit around a busy working day. After a few weeks, you’ll start incorporating these into your daily routines so that, after a few months, they’ll be second nature!

That’s when the real benefits occur. Over time, your weight will stabilise at a level that’s right for you and your body, and your general level of fitness will improve. You’ll feel livelier, less stressed, probably sleep better and much more full of energy.

Start TODAY and by Spring you’ll be in control.

Good luck!

The New In 90 team.


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