Don’t say “I want to lose weight”; say “it’s time to change”

As we all try to digest Christmas and move towards the New Year, how many people do you think want to lose some weight in 2019? And how many people want to lose a bit and how many a lot? 10%….20%…80%?

There’s no really definitive research out there but if you take into account that 64% of UK adults are either overweight or obese, then you would think the final figure is going to be nearer the 50-60% mark…that’s over twelve million people!

With such a big demand for something, you’d have thought that there would be some fairly effective solutions but, as most people know, the majority of the diet and weight loss business thrives on the fact that most marketed solutions don’t really work. The same people keep returning to try the latest fad product without any realistic hope of long term success.

If YOU happen to be one of those people who DO want to lose weight, then surely it’s time for a new approach…and there’s no better time to start thinking about it.

The truth is that so-called diets are trying to treat one of the major symptom of an “unhealthy” lifestyle, namely being overweight. By rigidly cutting out calories or certain food groups (the basis of most “diets”), then a temporary weight loss may occur. But what happens when the diet stops? If you’re still leading the same lifestyle, then surely the weight will come back on?

This is a typical “endless” cycle for most people looking to lose weight.

Surely then, the solution is to change one’s lifestyle in such a way that natural and progressive weight loss is a valuable by-product rather than a main objective?

To many people this is a seemingly insurmountable problem – a perception that a “lifestyle change” that’s effective in bringing about meaningful weight loss  must be drastic and extreme.

Inct, one of the biggest reasons why people don’t even start the process of getting fitter and losing that unwanted weight is because they think that ANY solution is going to be too hard and too painful.

It’s time this myth was put to bed for good!

If you take on board two big assumptions, then the whole process can be relatively simple and achievable (honest!).

  1. You’ve got to REALLY want to make the change – the only person who can do it is you.
  2. Nothing is going to happen overnight– but remember, this is all about bringing about a permanent change, not just a temporary quick fix.

Once you have these two things firmly set in your mind, then you can move forward.

We’ll be telling you exactly how and what to do in our next article.

The New In 90 team

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