Is this the best weight loss advice ever?

One of the most difficult things about trying to lose weight is overcoming temptation and developing the “natural” will power to resist the kind of treats and snacks that the body really does not need…however much the mind may say “Mmmn…nice”!

In fact, this is probably the most often quoted reason for giving up on diets…maintaining willpower in the face of a craving is something not many of us are good at doing.

Unfortunately there’s no magic pill that’ll overcome this but here’s the best weight loss advice you can possibly have:

1. If you want to lose weight permanently, don’t go on a diet.

If you only reduce the amount of food and drink you take in over a certain period of time and don’t change any of your habits and routines, you’ll put the weight straight back on when you stop…guaranteed. Permanent weight loss (and improving fitness) can only happen through lifestyle change – getting rid of all those bad eating and exercise habits!

2. Whatever method you use to try and lose weight, don’t “start on Monday”.

You’ll inevitably over eat for the few days prior and your mind will push back as soon as you start. Instead, spend a few days planning your strategy and preparing – you can start by reading this great article “The 5 Golden Rules to follow BEFORE you try and lose weight“.

3. Don’t start off by saying “I’m not going to eat such and such”.

As soon as you say it, you’ll want it. Instead, start off by reducing the amount of food you eat across the board, including the snacks and treats. 

4. Finally, and MOST importantly, remove temptation from your life!

– Clear out all the snacks and treats from your cupboards and don’t buy anymore. If you don’t have it in the house, you can’t eat it. Instead, buy fruit, nuts and veg to snack on.

– When you go to the shops, don’t go anywhere near the sweets and biscuits aisles and move swiftly past any other type of temptation.

– If you regularly go to coffee shops, then opt for an Americano with skimmed milk (you’ll still get your caffeine kick!) and don’t buy that muffin or chocolate cake…not even the “low fat” ones that are stuffed full of sugar.

Better still, go for a brisk walk with a bottle of water.

If you have a partner and/or children, then they’re probably going to moan like hell to find there’s no “special” things for them to eat outside of mealtimes. Your answer to them must be that a) they’ll be better off not eating sweets and snacks anyway and b) they need to support you in your lifestyle changes!

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Good luck!

The New In 90 Team