From Sue – one of the New In 90 Team

For most people, the PM’s message on Monday evening was pretty sobering. Having to stay in for at least three weeks with very limited opportunities to go out seemed like a real challenge and I’m sure most other people thought the same as me.

My biggest challenge (apart from two teenagers home from university and eating me out of house and home) will be to stay as active as possible – my normal job meant I was always on the go but being stuck at home stops most of that.

The key thing to me is to start incorporating lots of “little” exercises into daily routines. My favourite is to do some slow squats (great to tone bum, thighs and legs) when I’m brushing my teeth – 2 minutes of time when normally I’d be standing still. I’ve also developed the habit of working on my posture (shoulders back/tummy in) when the kettle is boiling – and that tends to be a lot in our household!

Over the next month, I’m going to try and develop a whole range of these exercises which, combined with a brisk daily walk or jog, should keep my fitness levels and body tone in reasonable shape.

At New In 90, we created a great Guide called “10 Easy Ways to Turn Your Home Life Into An Exercise Circuit” which is really useful to read.

And I’m going to be writing regularly on how I’m getting on!