Are you overweight? Do this simple test to find out. 

A study by Cass Business School, City University, London has devised a really simple formula to tell if you’re overweight or not.

Regardless of a person’s age, ethnicity or gender, the ideal formula for living a long life is having a waist circumference that is less than half your height.

So, get yourself a tape measure or a piece of string and measure your waist at the halfway point between your lowest rib and your hip bone i.e. the thinnest bit. Don’t breathe in (or suck your tummy in) when you measure and stand upright.

If the measurement is less than half your height, then you’re OK.

The study’s authors say the circumference of the waist is important because it indicates the amount of “central fat” in the body. This affects the vital organs, causing health problems from heart trouble to diabetes, unlike fat around the thighs, hips and bottom. They go onto say that this test is better than the industry standard BMI test because the latter does not distinguish between fat and muscle.

So what happens if you find that your waist circumference is MORE than half your height?

Well, the research suggests that a 30 year old male whose waist-to-height ratio is 60%, 70% 0r 80% will lose approximately 1.7, 7.2 or 20.2 years respectively off his life, whilst a female will lose 1.4, 4.6 or 10.6 years.

The concept of seeing “overweightness” in terms of years off your life is sobering but remember it’s never too late to do something about it!

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Everyone knows how important it is NOT to be overweight – so now’s the time for you to get control!

Good luck!

The New In 90 team.