To be slim, you HAVE to be on a permanent diet – True or False?

The Journal of the American Medical Association did a study into the effectiveness of well-known branded diets on weight-loss amongst overweight and obese adults (you can see the research by clicking on the link below). Their findings show that both low fat and low carb diets ARE effective provided the user follows them strictly and on an on-going basis and they conclude that anyone who really wants to lose weight should choose a diet they are happiest with and then stay on it for as long as possible.

Like a lot of research, the findings are fairly obvious. If you got stranded and unrescued on a desert island with only some fruit, nuts, fish and water to eat, then it’s pretty guaranteed that your one consolation for being marooned will be that you finally achieve your ideal weight!

So is it true or false that “slim” people are the ones who do find a diet and stick with it for life?

There are some people who do this (Julia Roberts in her role as the actress in the movie Notting Hill famously claimed that one of her life’s hardships was “being on a perpetual diet”) but the vast majority don’t…so how do they do it?

Well, they’ve managed to adjust their eating and exercise habits and routines to achieve the right mix of food, exercise and lifestyle so that their metabolism is actually balanced. In doing so, they will probably be pretty fit and healthy as well as being the “right” weight for their build and height. They don’t have to watch what they eat or drink, because they are mentally and physically trained to be regularly active and not over eat.

Does that sound like a impossible dream?

Too many people, it does. Our lifestyles today give us absolutely no support for achieving that right “balance”…we are busy and stressed, the shops are full of tempting goodies that offer relief (treat yourself with this giant bar of chocolate, save time by just heating up a ready meal in the microwave etc). No wonder it’s an up hill struggle!

So how can we get ourselves to this “balanced” state?

Well, The American Journal study says that going on a diet is a good way (particularly if combined with exercise) but you have to stay on it pretty well for ever…an almost impossible target for most people. And remember, lots of research has shown that if you come off your diet at any time, have a break and then return to another one, you are probably doomed to failure.

The much better way is to copy those people who are managing to stay slim and healthy!

The first thing you have to do is to decide that you want to make the change. Once you do this, you should then work out how to start making the small changes to your habits and routines on a daily basis…they don’t have to be enormous, in fact, most are just small ones done here and there.

Huge differences won’t be seen overnight…but then this is a “for life” project, so it’s better to get slow and permanent change then fast and temporary. However, over time, you will not only start to see and feel the difference, you’ll find that the changes are starting to happen without even thinking about it.

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Good luck!

The New In 90 team

American Medical Association Research Article