So many of us know we should lose some weight but do you really want to?

If you don’t pass this test, then you shouldn’t even start.

Why is this so important?

As you may have learnt from experience, if you’ve ever wanted someone else to change their behaviour or habits, the mere fact that YOU want it is not enough. However much advice you offer or however many practical suggestions you make – if that person doesn’t choose to change, nothing will happen!

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’ Lao Tsu

Commitment comes from taking the first step. The choice to take that step is yours and only yours.

Ask yourself these crucial questions:

‘Do you want to change?’

…or do you just think you should (there’s a big difference!) maybe because of what you have heard or someone has told you?

Why do you want to change?’

Maybe you’ve read about the potential illnesses that can result from being overweight and/or unfit and you want to do something about it? Do you want to lose weight for a certain event, or are you fed up with yo-yo dieting and want permanent change? Perhaps you get out of breath quickly going up the stairs, you’re always tired or stressed and you want to get fitter?

‘What is it you want to change?’

Your weight…your body shape…your dress size…your general fitness or health…your stress levels? Really drill down into exactly what you want. Write things down if it helps.

Remember though, just thinking that “you want to lose weight” should never be thought of in isolation. Your weight is just a function of your lifestyle (or, more specifically, your eating and activity habits and routines), change this for the better and you will lose weight as a by-product.

It’s VERY difficult to just “lose weight” but change nothing else.

The clearer you are about what you want to change, why you want to change it and about the outcome of those changes, the more likely you are to achieve them. Remember – if you are setting out on a journey, it’s helpful to have a destination in mind!

Take some time out by yourself, or with your partner or a friend. Write down lists if necessary and get a clear image of how and what you want to be when you have finished.

Only when you’ve really thought all this through will you be ready to start your weight loss journey.

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And then start your journey.

Good luck!

The New In 90 team.

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