In this article we’ll show you three simple exercises that will really change the way you look and feel if done regularly.

If someone asks which part of our bodies need the most “work”, we’ll probably say our butt, legs, tummy and arms/pecs. Well, here are three fantastic exercises to target these areas specifically. They’re all taken from our best selling 90 day plan and if you do them as often as possible, you’ll soon start to notice a difference!

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1. Squats
The best all-rounder – working your legs, butt, abs and back all at the same time! They’re effective because they use your full body weight and you can progressively make them harder, the fitter you get.
Stand tall with your tummy braced, your shoulders back and down and your feet hip width apart. Now push your butt back and down, bending the knees until your butt is nearly level with your knees in a kind of ‘Z’ shape. Your knees will go forward and should be kept in line with the middle toe. Keep your chest lifted and your abs braced throughout the exercise. Now come back up to standing without snapping your knees. Repeat 5 times and do it at least 3 times today. You’ll recognise that with a few refinements, this is exactly what you do to sit down, so you could add this in to your daily life but performing squats every time you go to sit down, doing a sit down – stand-up routine without actually putting your weight on the chair until you finally sit down.


2. Press ups
Another great exercise hitting the chest, arms, shoulders and abs. Again you only need your body weight, no equipment and there are loads of variations to get the right one for you.
Stand up tall, abs in, shoulders back and down (familiar?) a foot and a half away from a wall. Place your hands on the wall in front of you at chest height and shoulder width from each other, arms straight but not locked. Now bend the elbows as you lean in towards the wall taking your body weight onto your arms. Stop when your face is close to the wall and press back and away from the wall. If it’s too easy, take your feet further away from the wall. Do this 5 times at least 3 times today.

Variations: on all fours, abs braced, hands shoulder width apart and level with the chest. Bend your elbows taking your chest down towards the floor with your body weight on your arms until your nose is nearly touching the floor at least a few inches above the level of your hands. Push back up and repeat 5 times, at least 3 times today. To increase the intensity, push your knees further back from you hands.










3. Tummy tightener
Sit on the floor with your knees bent feet and close to your bottom. Hold the backs of your thighs, pull your tummy in and roll back until your arms are straight or as far as you can go without losing hold. Your back should be about 45% to the ground behind you. Hold the tummy tight and let go with one arm and then both if you can. You will feel the work in your tummy as you try to stop from falling back to the floor. Hold for 10 secs. Breathe normally throughout. Repeat 4 times and try to do twice each day.
This exercise adds weight and gravity to your core abdominal work and will be harder – so take your time. Only release your arms when you feel you can. This may take some practice but it’s such an effective routine for your core. Keep it up and a flatter, firmer tummy will be yours!

Good luck!
The New In 90 team

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