Why November is a great time to get fitter, healthier and slimmer!

Despite the relatively mild October, the clock change and dark afternoons has finally reminded us that autumn and winter have well and truly arrived.

If this thought depresses you, then that’s why November is such a GREAT month for giving your lifestyle a re-fresh. The tempting lazy days on the sunbed and barbecue excesses of the summer months have long given way to days full of more mundane activities and now is a perfect time to set your objectives to see you through to  Christmas and the end of the year.

Just think, you could get to 2020 without having to worry about the dreaded New Year blues and yet another celebrity diet or fad exercise regime.

Many people will immediately say this is the worst time to start a new diet or exercise programme and we would agree…because getting fitter and healthier does not mean going on a diet or getting down to the gym…and who has got the time and motivation to do that anyway?

Your general health and levels of weight and fitness in the long term is a function of your lifestyle…how you eat, what you eat, how active you are and other external factors. You can’t get fitter by being on a diet (and there’s plenty of unfit, thin people out there) and you can’t necessarily get healthy by going to a Zumba class once a week…even if you are lucky enough to have the time.

The real key to getting healthier (and remember, if you’re healthy, you’ll probably be fitter and at a weight you’re happy with) is to make small changes to your everyday lifestyle, changes that will seem almost insignificant at the time but will add up to make a real difference.

Think of it like learning to drive a car…you couldn’t hope to become a good driver overnight, and not even in a few weeks, but, by practicing a bit each day or week, you’ll gradually become better and better. You’ll be able to do the complicated manoeuvres that seemed so tricky at first almost without thinking and then, one day…bingo – you can pass your test!

That’s the mind set you need, although changing your lifestyle is a lot easier and simpler than learning to drive!

The thinking behind this strategy is fairly obvious, although the diet and fitness industries are quite happy to go on selling you the latest celebrity regime!

Over the course of our lives, right from early childhood, we develop habits and routines surrounding eating and exercise. These are learnt from those around us, our surroundings and life changes. Unfortunately, many of these habits are not particularly good for us when it comes to our health…and many spring to mind. “Eat all the food on your plate” is something that is drummed into most children (and the worst possible habit although well intentioned), having a fizzy drink when you’re thirsty rather than a glass of water, snacking at all times of the day, taking the car or the lift instead of walking…the list goes on and on.

So if we can learn to undo the “bad” habits and routines and replace them with “good” ones, then a healthier lifestyle will surely follow.

And starting now gives you plenty of time to achieve your objectives by Christmas!


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Good luck

The New In 90 Team